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Saturday, 25 September 2010

UK gyaru - Majikko 2nd generation!

Calling all UK gyaru!
If you are a UK gal and would like to join the 2nd generation of Uk gyarusa Majikko please message me on FB ( link in the side bar) Or leave a comment!
If your just beginning, or have mastered the style doesn't matter, we want friendly enthusiastic members who are willing to improve their make-up and have a great time at meets with the other members! xxx any age welcome!
Love Soy x

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Knit wear and false fur- what to wear this winter

All pictures are from Cherry Pop gyaru- link to the blog on my sidebar.
knit wear and 'Christmas-style' jumpers are 'in' this season, I've seen dresses and over sized jumpers in a lot of magazines- worn with tights and legging ( jumper dresses)

colour schemes- pastel colours, creames, blacks, and faded denim, more natural colours

cute victorian coats have come back into fashion, with oversized collars and fake fur cuffs.
fake fur hats and accessories are also fashionable- with both pom-pom hats and russian styled hats.
'JELLY' front cover showing a fake fur handbag
'RANZUKI' ( yay! leopard print is coming back!) This cover is much more brightly coloured than the rest- with more extreme colours than the fashionable creams, blacks and pastel colours.

Make up wise the more minimalistic styles seem to be popular, with light blushers and minimal shading, and black on the lower eye. Giving a 'nude-eye' tone.
It seems to be a very plain and 'earthy' season, with suede boots and fake fur giving a 'natural' feeling to the outfits as well as the simplistic designs on the jumpers and faded ' ripped' denim shorts and jeans.

Personally i hope a crazier, brighter style comes back soon, though I think it gives off a very cute and innocent image ( I have stocked up on my knitwear - haha!)
Soy x

Sunday, 19 September 2010

What does it take to be gyaru?

Being gyaru isn't all about the deep tan and the big nails!

You've got to have that 'gal attitude'. The original Gyaru girls stood out from the strict image that Japanese men want in a woman, polite, refined, pale and beauitful and they turned it on its head, now days i guess its more about looking sexy but still standing out.. but i still think the old words have meaning! Us gals dont have to change because a man doesn't like it. You will make him like it!!

You gotta take pride in being gal- theres no such thing as a weekend gal, thats called a costume.Its a lifestyle not just a fashion!

So here are a few overall tips ( nothing specific to this months trends)

Never be afraid to go 'over the top' Big eyes, big tan, big nails, big attitude!


Take care of yourself, feel beauitful on the inside and you'll look radiant on the outside! Take the time out of day to spend time perfecting your hair and makeup.

You dont have to be a size zero to be gyaru! Aslong as you feel cute.

Accessorize! Mix and match- I dont care what anyone says, fashion rules are to be pushed- add your personal touch to your outfit.

Most importantly Have fun with it! enjoy standing out be confident and GET WILD AND BE SEXY

when i dress gal it gives me confidence!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Autumn is here

This is a bit of a personal post, just a few things that are going on with me
The main thing is that I broke up with my man after a 4 year serious relationship, he did nothing wrong, and was nothing but wonderful to me, but it wasn't 'going anywhere' so it ended. I guess when I let it sink in i feel a bit frightened, i've gotten used to that 'cozy, safe' feeling and now I'm by myself. But he'll always have a special place in my life he's a really wonderful, amazing guy and deserves the best- i know i'll get jelous when he finds a new woman in about 6 seconds- but deep down i'll be happy because i know he deserves it!
But i'm a big girl- i can handle it, eh? :)
To make matters worse i've been horrifically ill recently,my ear cannals have swollen up meaning i've been deaf, dizzy and its INCREDIBLY painful( like jabbing a needle through my ear into my brain!)
I have sucessfully eaten a whole jar of nutella single handed with a spoon haha
So one big change i've decided to make is that i'm going to look after myself alot better. I'm going to go to the gym once a week,( wednesdays to be precise) aswell as trying to keep my skin looking good and eating well. taking some style tips from AGEHA, if you dont feel beautiful you cant poosibly motivate yourself to keep looking beautiful- so try to keep your room tidy, and even your pjamas and lazy wear should be beautiful!
I just started my fashion course, which I'm actually enjoying and want to try my best! I'm thinking if all goes well to open up an online store selling some gal-style clothing ( IN WESTERN SIZES. my curves dont fit into azn sizes! haha)
anyway, more on that another time.
I'm going to sleep now xx
Soy x

Friday, 17 September 2010

western gyaru insperational piccy spam

Insperational Western Gyaru! Piccy spam!- these are my fave western gals ( all so beautiful!)

Gyaru online stores

I thought i'd post my fave GAL stores that ship to western countries and that have their languages in English so its easy to understand. ( I know i get so fustrated by online shops that i cant buy anything off!!)

The first one is EuroGal- its a small site but has big brand names on it,such as JSG and Alba Rosa, and ships to Europe.My fave thing about it is that it sells old school items aswell as new.

second is Yukiumi, it sells clothing, 3d nails, accessories aswell as phone deco and beauty items!You can choose between Japanese and English language.

Makiko Online store has loads of sections to choose from, such as cosplay and lolita, but its widest selection is gyaru and the clothes are so cute!- i've seen some really cute MA*RS items *o*
Strapya world is a great site to buy your phone deco from- they sell EVERYTHING. and SO much hello kitty. straps, keyrings, pompoms, everything is so sparkley!
Handmade sites like Etsy and Ebay are great to get one off buys from.
This person sells deco cases and they are very sweet and wellmade
Kawaiinails- does what it says on the packet, it sells infact, Kawaii nails. they are very cute and reasonably priced.

Dont worry gals! there are plenty more links where these came from!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Majikko UK gyarusa!

A little bit about Majikko UK gyarusa!

After hibiscgyaru disbanded I wanted to carry on the UK gyaru scene and allow it to grow- so I set up Majikko! we've only had our first meet so far, but our second is at HYPERJAPAN in a couple of weeks- heres the website, it looks pretty cool, not just manga and anime ( which i do love) but also japanese culture,food ( Mmmm) and fashion- KERA magazine are doing some kind of 'thing' there.

we'll be there October 2nd ! so if you'd like to hang out or anything please do say and you'd be welcome x
anyway! i thought i'd post some piccys of the members ! ( we are currently looking for our 2nd Generation, and have a few potential gals :D)

Theres me-Soy, Faye+Sam

River, Jou + Elizabeth

Rei, Erin + Louise!

To see photos from our meetup- please check out the website or facebook group- links are on my side bar xxxxxxx

Here I am!

i feel like a traitor leaving my little LJ baby behind- but here is my new blog!- Please follow me, haha!

I'll be blogging on my day to day life, gyaru buys, and reviews of sites, cosmetics and clothes I buy.
So here i go! Soy xxx